Twitter for Android

Twitter for Android
Twitter for Android
Twitter for Android Twitter is quickly becoming the new Facebook, with millions of users accessing it from multiple locations, let’s see if their Android fits your life. The application is available for just about every version of Android for free. It allows you to access all the features you’d be able to use on computer’s your web browser from the palm of your hand Twitter for Android.
Available: Android Market
Version Reviewed: 2.1.1
Twitter for Android The Good
  • Push notification support is great because you get all the latest mentions, and message notifications forwarded to your phone to quick response.
  • This app has many great features that make it a must have for Android twitter lovers; along with support for multiple accounts, it also has a very useful widget system, and map integration.
  • The design is very nice, clean, and full of different sleek animations. Well made all together.
Twitter for Android The Bad
  • Install the app and it's fine, a few days later; how'd it get so big?

Twitter for Android Features & Functionality

The free Twitter application for Android surprisingly comes with more than enough features to make even the avid twitter users fall in love. Many users were angry with Twitter when they temporary shutdown the rest of the competition before launching their application, but now, there’s no one else that does twitter better than twitter.
The Application for Android users is shockingly amazing in every aspect. Aside from the basic tweet, retweet, and direct message feature, there’s still much to do in the application. First thought when using the application is “wow, this is easy to navigate, very clean, and fast.” That’s because the current tweeter application is filled with smooth animated transitions, sound effects for different actions, and a lightweight package that helps it load and work pretty smoothly.
Now after your first moments of owe are over, the application saves you time and effort by going through your contact and finding your friends that have a twitter account and giving you an option to follow them. This is very convenient for those first time tweeter users, and others that aren’t even sure which of their friends might be a user. After the initial setting up process the application takes you to your twitter feed where you’ll have everything show up from in a long list. Using gestures and long holds, you can interact with each tweet and the person that tweeted it. Sending a tweet is very quick, simple, and comes with some useful options to choose from. The option to geo-tag your tweet, mention someone, and include a video or image file are also available on the same screen.
The feature list goes on for miles, but the main focus is getting your tweets sent and the application can certainly do that.

Twitter for Android Conclusion

I have never been much of a twitter user, not a fan o their site, but this application has made me a frequent user. Thanks to the great design, and easy to use user interface this has quickly become one of my most used applications next to Facebook.

Twitter for Android Recommend

Yes; if you have a Twitter account, you need this application on your phone.
Twitter for Android


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